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Biomimetic Actuator/Sensor

By |2019-06-10T09:24:20+00:00April 23rd, 2019|

Biomimetic Actuator/Sensor Inspired by nature, we mimic structures and systems of living species at the multiscales. Highly ordered structures of cell are reconstituted in vitro by polymerizing cytoskeletal filaments at the environments where the mechanical, chemical or electrical conditions are similar to those in vivo. Tissue organization is replicated by culturing cells [...]

Biofilament Engineering

By |2019-06-10T09:26:04+00:00April 23rd, 2019|

Biofilament Engineering Various biological phenomena such as cell migration, cell differentiation, and tissue formation are governed by the structure of the protein network within or around the cell. We are interested in the engineering of the structure of the protein network by using physical and chemical stimuli. Our result will help to [...]

Mechanical Properties of Soft Materials

By |2019-06-10T09:25:32+00:00April 23rd, 2019|

Mechanical Properties of Soft Materials Soft materials have gained attention in many research and industrial fields. For example, kinds of hydrogels have been developed to provide the mechanical environments favorable for culturing cells. Wearable or foldable electronic devices require conducting materials with an excellent flexibility. We characterize the mechanical properties of soft [...]

Acoustophoretic Tissue Engineering

By |2019-06-10T04:35:26+00:00April 23rd, 2019|

Acoustophoretic Tissue Engineering We are developing acoustofluidic devices to fabricate functional artificial tissues for drug screening and tissue engineering. Featured images and movies of this topic Acoustofluidic device for the fabrication of artificial tissue for therapy [...]


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Mechanotransduction Cells are able to produce, sense, and response to mechanical cues. Mechanotransduction refers to the mechanisms by which mechanical cues are converted into biochemical activities. We are specially interested in how mechanotransduction is altered in the state of diseases where the mechanical environments such as stiffness, boundary, and shape change significantly. [...]

Acoustofluidics for Particle Manipulation

By |2019-06-10T04:35:08+00:00April 16th, 2019|

Acoustofluidics for Particle Manipulation We are developing acoustofluidic techniques for particle manipulation by using experimental and computational methods Featured images and movies of this topic Particle separation by using continuously-phase modulated standing surface acoustic waves (CPM-SSAW) [...]